Kevin Gouws
I have read many books and write ups from great chefs. It always begins with their childhood, and their mothers being their inspiration to become a chef.

I love my Mom, she’s the best Mom in the world, but cooking was not her forte. My Father did not like change either. For example, every Monday we had leftover Braai form Sunday night with peas and mash. Every Tuesday it was steak, egg and chips. We ate like this until I left the house. There were no Cooking Channels with celebrity chefs on TV back then. Becoming a chef never occurred to me.

I always knew I wanted to be creative and work with my hands. It was late during my high school career that I decided want I wanted to be. I came home from school one day and told my mom I want to be a chef. I never really showed any interest in cooking up until then so she was very surprised. I went to Chef school and have never looked back since.

I was trained in South Africa and I later realized that what I had been taught was not really enough by any means to compete with chefs who had had the opportunity to visit a school in Europe or even better had a chance to complete an apprenticeship. I then worked in London for 4 years in several well-know restaurants including the exclusive Private Members Club at the Adam Street Restaurant. Definitely the hardest four years of my life. But the long hours, stress and pressure made me stronger. I learned a great deal in London and looking back now, I will always be very glad that I went.

I returned to South Africa and joined the Relais Chateaux Group at the Plettenberg Hotel before becoming a private chef to a host of influential people living in Plettenberg Bay.

I then got married and moved back to my home town of Port Elizabeth and worked as the head chef at the Shamwari Townhouse and consultant for the Mantis Collection for the past 3 and a half years.

I am now very excited and look forward to teaching your daughter / son and to make a difference in their life by teaching them all I know with my passion and my goal, to make sure that they will be ready for the culinary world when having finished their training here at SAACA.

Thank you for the opportunity,

Kevin Gouws


Kevin Gouws work experience:

  • May 2008 – September 2012: Shamwari Townhouse, Mantis Collection, Port Elizabeth, South Africa – Executive Chef and Culinary Consultant to The Mantis Hotel & Boutique Collection
  • October 2006 – March 2008: Personal Chef
  • November 2005 – August 2006: Franko’s Kitchen, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa – Sous Chef
  • September 2004 – October 2005: The Plettenberg Hotel, Relais Chateaux Group, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa – Senior Chef de Partie
  • August 2003 – July 2004: Adam Street Restaurant, Private Members Club, London, England – Senior Chef de Partie
  • March 2002 – July 2003: Livebait Restaurant, Group Chez Gerard Restaurants Plc, London, England – Tournant
  • January 2001 – March 2002: Bertorelli’s Restaurant, Group Chez Gerard Restaurants Plc, London, England – Chef de Partie