Continued Education
SAACA will bring you every year hands on classes for the Professional and or aspiring Amateur. We offer continuing education classes on subjects like, Chocolate, Breakfast Pastries, Artisan Breads, Chocolate Showpieces, Plated Desserts, Molecular Desserts and others.

These courses and classes are for Professional chefs and or aspiring Amateur Chefs who want to raise their capabilities substantially. Top-quality ingredients, state-of-the-art equipment, cutting-edge training and all in the relaxing, beautiful setting of Port Elizabeth at the Eastern Cape, make this a truly great experience.
Chocolate showpieces & design Moleacular desserts



Chocolatier & Confiserie Course

In this five-day, hands-on course for professionals, explore the world of white, milk, and dark chocolate confectionary, sponsored by Chocolate Frey, Switzerland's Number 1 Chocolate.

We will cover the history and chemistry of chocolate, as well professional standards for handling chocolate, chocolate storage and chocolate production. We will cover the importance of understanding tempering and crystallization; tempering techniques by hand and by machine; the fundamentals of ganache, and many other fillings; with particular attention paid to flavor and mouth feel.

Every technique of bonbon creation will be covered from hand-dipped to molded. We will introduce & use the professional equipment of the Chocolatier from guitars to enrobing machines. We will utilize the cutting edge of bonbon decoration, delving into all forms such as using cocoa butter colors, pearl, satin powder, airbrushing, hand brushing, and more.

A wide range of other traditional and modern confections will be produced including marshmallow, nougatine, pate de fruits, caramel, and more.

5day course, Open to 8 students only
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Chocolate Showpieces & Design

In this chocolate basics class, students learn tempering, maintaining and working with chocolate. Students will learn contemporary techniques including flowers and colors, casting chocolate in molds, and adding color, airbrushing and will make an artistic showpiece over 3 feet tall..

From sketch to the finished Showpiece”,  you will see and learn different techniques in order to create a chocolate showpiece.

Using tempered chocolate and specific tools, you will get the tricks to smooth, texture and shaped chocolate to built modern, professional showpieces.

5 day Class, Open only to 8 Students
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Laminated Dough & Breakfast Pastries

In this class you will make different kinds of breakfast pastries, croissants, brioche and chocolate croissants, but also a variety of delicious specialties made from croissant dough.

Several crispy specialties realized with puff pastry and different kinds of Brioche will be part of this two day program.  Come to learn the science of puff pastry and proofed dough and realize your own breakfast pastries.

4 day Class, Open only to 8 Students
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Moleacular Desserts

Want to try out new and inventive ways to prepare food?
"Sodium alginate solution", "Liquid nitrogen", "Low temperature cooking", "Calcium chloride bath" new terms you will learn in this course.
If the term is subject to multiple interpretations, "molecular gastronomy", "deconstructionism", "our new approach", there is great excitement generated amongst fans of gourmet food for this cuisine.

We will play with unconventional flavors and textures using our molecular lab tools to produce exciting dishes. You will be taught the techniques such as making spheres, gels, foams, and emulsifications and learn about the ingredients & tools used in this innovative food science.

You will literally make caviar by mixing chemicals with fresh, fragranced produce. Cooking only with the highest quality ingredients and always using seasonal produce, you are in for a tasty molecular gastronomic adventure.

2 Day Class, Open for only 10 Students
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Plated Desserts

The modern pastry chef is not complete without a solid repertoire of plated desserts for the restaurant or hotel, along with verrines that are so suitable for receptions & parties, the “cocktail” of pastry. Bringing together a range of different flavors, textures, and even temperatures in a way that delights and astounds your customer’s eye, palette and senses is the focus of this class.

3 Day Class, Open for only 10 Students
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  • Full payment is required to secure your place in the class. 
  • If you pay with a credit card, you have secured your position in the class.  Paying by cash, check or money order will not secure your position in the class unless SAACA has received the payment.
  • If you cancel prior to 15 days before the class begins your tuition will be refunded in full (minus 100.00 SAR administration fee). There are no refunds issued when fewer than 15 days notice from the class start date is given. 
  • Upon timely cancellation of your course, you will have the option to receive a refund minus the 100.00 SAR cancellation fee or receive a credit to transfer to another available class.  If you choose this option, the credit must be used within one year from the cancellation date to purchase a class.  You may only choose this option by email or phone call; the expiration date will be confirmed through an email.  The credit cannot be used to purchase other merchandise.  If the credit does not fully cover the cost of the new class, the student will be responsible for covering the difference. 
  • SAACA reserves the right to cancel or change the classes at any time.
  • SAACA has a strict dress code.  Students are required to wear long black or khaki colored pants, kitchen-safe shoes (closed toe, skid proof, made from a hard protective leather material), and a chef’s jacket. Students may purchase a chef’s jacket from the school. Email us at Everyone will receive an apron and a hat to keep.